Call for papers: 2014 China Communication Forum

Call for Papers: 2014 China Communication Forum


International Discourse System and the Construction of International Communication Capacity for China


An International Academic Conference in Conjunction with the First Blue Book Launch on International Communication


28June 2014, Communication University of China, Beijing


Hosted by the National Center for Radio and Television Studies, CUC

Over the past years,along with the emerging economies, the unprecedented development andapplication of new ICTs, the increasing interdependency between nations, moreactive regional dialogue and cooperation, and the growing impact of transnational corporations and non-governmental organizations, the world power structure is undergoing tremendous adjustment and change. Against this background,the formation of a newer information and communication order has began while the world is still in the process of multi-polarization, a transition from the old pattern to a new one. Despite these changing factors, the fundamental discursive structure remains Western-centric. Western countries maintain thedominant position in shaping international information flow and the formation of international public opinion. Unbalance, inequality and injustice still characterize the international discourse system, in which China’s disadvantaged position has continuously drawn attentions from both inside and outside,even some critiques on certain issues.

Therefore, it has been increasingly emphasized by the CCP, Chinese government, industries and the academia to strength the power of international discourse. The leadership of both the Party and the government, together with relevant policies released these years, repeatedly pointed to enhance the capacity of international communication, the power of international discourse and the leading power of international public opinion, in order to build up China’s comprehensive national strength and the international impact of Chinese civilization. Furthermore,because of the increasing pace of “going-out” projects through state-owned media (CCTV, CRI etc.) and social organizations like Confucius School, and intensified practices of public diplomacy and non-governmental exchanges, the capacity of international communication and discourse system have become one of the focuses of communication and media studies in China and beyond.

The 2014 China Communication Forum, based on the above-mentioned concerns, will concentrate on the theme of “International Discourse System and the Construction of International Communication Capacity for China”. The first Blue Book on International Communication, published by the National Center for Radio and Television Studies at CUC, will be launched during the conference.

The organizing committee is now inviting submissions from scholars, professionals and students to address the sub-topics including but not limit to the followings:

Tendencies of international communication

Shifts in world information and communication order

Construction of international communication capacity

Changes in international discourse system

Cultural soft power

The status quo and problems of the construction of China’s international communication capacity

Construction of international leading media

Public diplomacy and international communication

The institution of press spokesman

The “Going-out” of Chinese civilization and international communication

City, region and the construction of regional international communication capacity

New media and international communication capacity

Ecological civilization and the construction of regional international communication capacity

Modern communication system and international discourse system


The working language of the conference will be Chinese and English.


Important dates:

Abstract submission deadline: 20 March 2014 (500-1000words with title and affiliation of author(s))

Notification of abstract acceptation: by 20 April 2014

Confirmation of attendance: by 1 May 2014

Full paper submission deadline: 1 June 2014


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Conference official website:


Contact information:

Dr. Jidong Li

Dr. Deqiang Ji

The National Center for Radio and Television Studies, Communication University of China

Tel: 86-10-65779313, 65779244